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Why OrthoFX?

OrthoFX stands out due to its innovative approach in clear aligner technology, distinguishing itself from conventional options. They emphasize the integration of advanced technology while ensuring personalized care under the guidance of dental professionals.

Clear Aligners 2.0

OrthoFX’s clear aligners are crafted using their groundbreaking FXTetra material, which offers a variety of polymer choices. This next-generation polymer minimizes discomfort, reduces staining, accelerates treatment, and includes built-in whitening technology for enhanced results.

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OrthoFX’s AI-powered Auto-Correction Rescue Aligners reduce unplanned treatment delays by an average of 7 weeks, helping 83% of treatments stay on schedule.

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Our aligners provide ideal forces with 40% less pressure on teeth compared to other brands, offering comfort akin to memory foam.

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AI polymer innovation

Artificial Intelligent (AI) backed Auto-Correction Rescue Aligners reduce unplanned treatment delays by 7 weeks. 83% of OrthoFX treatments finish on time.

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OrthoFX’s built-in remote monitoring cuts visits by 40%, with in-person consultations available as required.

Auto-correct Aligners!

AI-powered auto-correcting aligners significantly improve the efficiency of orthodontic treatments by reducing unplanned delays by an average of 7 weeks. This advanced technology ensures that aligners adjust precisely, minimizing the need for additional adjustments and visits. As a result, 83% of our treatments are completed on time, providing patients with a more predictable and satisfactory experience.

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Make sure you’re on the right track!

We keep your doctor informed, ensuring your treatment stays on track remotely. This approach leads to 40% fewer in-person visits, making the process more convenient and time-efficient for both patients and healthcare providers. Our system allows for regular monitoring and timely adjustments without the need for frequent office visits, enhancing the overall treatment experience.