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Full Mouth Reconstruction At Aventura Dental Center – Aventura, FL Dental Office

Dr. Bistritz talks about the procedures of giving Full Mouth Reconstruction for patients that needs to restore their teeth. Follow Dr. Bistritz on social media using the links below!


So full mouth reconstruction is no different than an architect designing a building and the builder building it to the specs. Full mouth reconstruction needs to be planned in its inception where you want to end up, how you want to end up, and how you’re going to get there, to the point of actually designing in wax on the study models of what you want the final case to look like, showing that to the patient, having the patient get an understanding of what they could possibly look like. Sometimes it’s even earlier in doing a mock-up on Photoshop pictures, putting teeth in and changing the shape to show them what they could look like.

The next reality is actually designing it in wax on the study models. The next step would be the temporaries that the patient will be wearing during the course of treatment should be similar, almost identical to what the final product will look like. It gives the doctor an opportunity to evaluate it in its function, almost like a practice set of teeth. And once that’s gone through its complete analysis that we’re happy with, the shape the patient’s happy with, the length, position, and function, then we go on to make the final product so we have less finding out problems beforehand. So due diligence prior of working on the case and eliminating all the potential obstacles, it’s a greater chance that the outcome will be successful.