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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Service At Aventura Dental Center From Aventura, FL

Dr. Bistritz talks about how his dental team from Aventura Dental Center deal with wisdom tooth extraction every time. Follow Dr. Bistritz on social media using the links below!


I do majority of our patients’ wisdom teeth removal. Very seldom has the case come up that I do feel the need to refer out. When it feels beyond my skill level, certainly I do. But we do handle that on a routine basis and, again, as part of our comprehensive care, that the patients don’t have to be sent elsewhere for treatment.

Sometimes that’s adjacent to another tooth that needs to be treated. I’m there, I can treat it at the same time. I understand what the consequences of extraction will be, and how it has to end up. Of course there’s always jitters, a person could be uncomfortable having any discomfort. We try to deal with those as best as we can.

Developing trust with the patient, giving them confidence that they can go through with the procedure successfully are the things that we deal with.