When you smile at the world, you’re reflecting a part of your personality. For this reason, among many others, it is important that you enjoy a smile that reflects who you are; that you have a smile you feel confident showing off. Studies indicate that the majority of American adults do not feel confident in their smiles.

Here, we discuss the 4 most common reasons this may be, and what we do to help our patients overcome them.

  • Discoloration

Our teeth have several layers. The outside layer of enamel is very hard, but it is porous. Over time, tiny particles from foods and beverages build up in the pores in enamel, causing teeth to dull and look yellow. Even when we brush and floss as our dentist recommends, it can be difficult to avoid discoloration. It is not difficult to address it. We treat patients using the KöR whitening system. The process begins with a thorough teeth cleaning to remove debris so the whitening gel can have maximum effect. The in-office whitening procedure takes about an hour and can lift the color of enamel several shades. We also take impressions so we can make a tray that patients can use at home to perform periodic touch-ups.

  • Crooked teeth

Having one or two teeth that are turned, spaced too far apart, overlapping, or otherwise crooked can throw off the balance of the smile. Not to worry. Dentists have multiple ways to address this common concern. One is to align teeth using the Invisalign system. Depending on the degree of straightening needed, treatment can take from a few months to about a year and a half. Another way that crooked teeth may be treated is with veneers. This treatment does not correct the position of the tooth, but it makes the crooked tooth or teeth appear straight.

  • Irregular shape

Some people have one or two teeth that are shorter or oddly shaped in comparison to the others that show in the smile. The best way to handle these irregularities is to cover the affected teeth with veneers. Treatment occurs over two visits and achieves results that can last up to 15 years or even longer.

  • Chips or cracks

Tooth damage doesn’t always call for advanced treatment like a dental crown. Minor chips and cracks may not impair the structural integrity of a tooth, but sure can diminish the smile. These conditions may be cosmetically repaired using the dental bonding procedure, which applies a resin material to enamel to smooth out the imperfection. Another option is to cover the entire front surface of the tooth with a porcelain veneer. While dental bonding has its benefits, porcelain veneers tend to look more natural and last longer.

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