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When the gums recede from periodontal disease or a similar condition, sometimes the roots of your teeth can be exposed. The roots are designed to stay below the gumline, and exposing them can make your teeth more sensitive to heat or cold and increase the risk of damage or decay. A gingival graft (also called a gum graft) is similar to a bone graft, but instead of using bone material, gum tissue is used to correct the issue. Aventura, FL dentist Dr. David Bistritz has many years of experience performing gum grafting and will utilize his skill to create a customized treatment plan for you. Call Aventura Dental Center in Aventura, FL today to learn more.

Benefits Of The Gum Graft

Do you really think about your gums when you are brushing or flossing your teeth? You should. Keeping your gums healthy is just as important as whitening your smile. When you experience receding gums, you will benefit from having a surgical gum graft. These benefits could include:

More comfort: Once your added soft tissue graft has healed in place, it will decrease the painful sensitivity of your teeth since less is exposed. Most of our patients typically experience a huge relief and increased comfort.

Better appearance: Say goodbye to receding gums, which are not aesthetically pleasing. Bleeding, unhealthy-looking gums make your teeth look uneven and exposed. Our dentist can make your gumline more symmetrical and reshape the tissue to reveal pink, plump gum tissue.

Improved gum health: Most of all, we want to improve your oral health and prevent tooth loss. When you have gum disease, as evident in receding gums, it can lead to serious dental issues in the future. We can provide treatments to rid the disease from the gums and then restore fullness with a soft tissue graft for optimal results.

What To Expect

A gum graft is a minor surgical dental procedure involving the removal of soft tissue from elsewhere in the mouth (such as the roof of the mouth) or with synthetic tissues, and then reintroducing into the receded gum area with sutures. A local anesthetic will be applied to the treatment areas, and you may also qualify for some sort of sedation dentistry treatment as well. Dr. Bistritz will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. In the recovery period, the new tissue will bond closely with the existing gum and trigger regeneration of healthy tissue. Your gums will look fuller and symmetrical in time, giving your smile the perfect frame.

Treatment Aftercare

We will provide you with aftercare instructions before you leave our office, and our staff will answer any questions with great care. Please practice consistent oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) to keep your mouth and surgical site clean. It is very important to refrain from smoking or using tobacco products, keep your stress levels down, and eat healthy, soft foods to aid in your recovery. You may want to plan ahead and do your grocery shopping, fill prescriptions, and enlist a family member or friend to help you once you return home from this procedure. As you will be under the influence of sedation and pain relievers, we ask that you have someone at the appointment to drive you home.

Anticipated Costs

Each patient in need of gum grafting services will have their own personalized treatment plan with a fee schedule appropriate for the services needed. We will discuss the costs associated with your treatment, what your insurance may cover, and financing options at a private consultation in our office.

Plan Your Procedure

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Beautiful Gums & Smile

We would like to give you a solution to your receding gums. Think of how gorgeous your smile will look with gingival grafting. We want to help you make an amazing first impression (especially for our patients in public service). Our dentist has years of experience with soft tissue grafting and smile rejuvenation services. Smile with confidence and call us today to schedule your consultation.

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