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Crown lengthening or “crown exposure” is a procedure that removes excess gum tissue to show more of the existing tooth. All teeth are supposed to be partially covered by gums, as this helps protect the roots. However, when gums cover too much of the teeth, it can cause the teeth to look too small or result in a “gummy smile.” With crown lengthening, a laser gently removes very small portions of the gumline to allow more of your natural teeth to show. This procedure is also used to correct an existing crown, filling, or low-lying tooth decay. To set up an appointment with seasoned dentist Dr. David Bistritz, call Aventura Dental Center in Aventura, FL today.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for crown lengthening are in good general health, especially in terms of their gums. This procedure is a great option for those who display too much of the gums and not enough of the teeth when they smile. You may also be an ideal candidate if you have tooth decay or a crack near your gumline. If your teeth are largely covered by gums, uneven, or look like they may be too small in proportion to your face, you would probably benefit from this procedure. Other candidates may need this treatment to enable the dentist to complete other procedures like a crown or bridge. However, if you are currently dealing with gum (periodontal) disease or don’t have enough bone, you may not be a good candidate. But if you simply want to make your smile bigger and more attractive, crown lengthening may be just what you need.

What To Expect

Before the procedure starts, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area to make the process more comfortable. If there are any temporary crowns in place, they will be removed for the procedure and replaced afterward. As the procedure commences, a very small amount of the gum tissue will be carefully removed in order to gradually shape it to match your teeth and smile. If this alone doesn’t do it, some bone from near the root will also be removed. This bone can be visually blocking the tooth just like excess gum tissue does. At that point, enough of the tooth will be exposed and the whole surgical area will then be sterilized. The gums will be stitched back together in their new position, and a bandage may be put over the stitches as well.

What Our Patients Are Saying About Their Experience

“I love Aventura Dental. Been going for 10 years and the professionalism and quality of work is always top notch. They are not too pushy and genuinely care about their patience. Dr. David and Giselle are amazing. Would highly recommend.”

Treatment Aftercare

Ice is going to be your best friend for a few hours after the procedure, since it will reduce swelling from the surgical site. You’ll return to have stitches removed in about a week, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Then in about another month or six weeks, you will go back for a follow-up just to make sure everything looks good. You will also receive appropriate pain reliever medication, along with a cleansing mouth rinse and detailed instructions pertaining to the best foods to eat. Basically, softer foods are better. Your sensitivity to hot and cold will fade soon. You can also carefully brush your teeth, but try to avoid brushing on the stitches or the gums. If you get food particles lodged in your teeth, don’t floss for now. Just use a toothpick or WaterPik.

Plan Your Procedure

June 2024

Lose Your Gummy Smile

Crown lengthening is an amazing procedure. It can instantly transform your smile by simply showing off what you’ve already got. We just get to bring out what’s been hiding behind a bit of excess gum tissue. It can also be a vital procedure to enable additional tasks to repair teeth or to enable the installation of crowns. If you think you’re a candidate for aesthetic or oral health purposes, Aventura Dental Center is your starting point. Call us now to make an appointment with Dr. Bistritz for a consultation.

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