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There are a number of factors that can affect where your gumline sits on your teeth. For some people, their adult teeth may have come in slightly wrong or not far enough, leaving too much covered by the gums. With gum reshaping or laser gum sculpting, seasoned dentist Dr. David Bistritz can sculpt your gum tissue to reveal a more proportionate gum contour. Although this procedure is typically performed for cosmetic reasons, it can help improve oral health as well. To schedule a consultation, call Aventura Dental Center in Aventura, FL today.

What To Expect

Laser gum reshaping is performed in our dental office with a mild local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. If you have dental anxieties or fears, you can speak to Dr. Bistritz about adding sedation during the procedure. The teeth and gums will be cleaned and dried before Dr. Bistritz carefully removes strips of gum tissue until the gumline is natural looking and even. The laser seals the tissue to stop bleeding and finalizes the shape of the gums.

Treatment Aftercare

The gums and teeth may be swollen and sensitive for several weeks after the laser gum sculpting procedure, but with daily brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, the tissue inflammation should subside and the gums will heal cleanly. Dr. Bistritz will go over any special instructions after the procedure and may prescribe antibiotics if you are at risk for gum disease. You should continue to visit our office at least once a year for a dental exam and at least twice a year for a professional dental cleaning.

Insurance Coverage

Laser gum sculpting is generally considered a cosmetic procedure, but our office is happy to confirm your dental insurance coverage during your consultation. Our office does offer several payment options and financing plans for our patient.

Gum Reshaping Video

Gum Reshaping Video
Plan Your Procedure

Plan Your Procedure

July 2024

More Tooth, Less Gum

Excessive gum tissue can leave you with an unattractive “gummy smile,” but gum reshaping can give your teeth proper proportions for a healthy, even smile. By removing excess gum tissue, you can improve your appearance and minimize your risk for gum disease. Schedule a consultation with our office to learn more about laser gum sculpting and how it can benefit your oral health.

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