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A bone graft is often used to prepare a spot in your mouth for a dental implant. In order for this to work, your bone needs to be strong and dense enough to hold onto and fuse with the implant’s root. Sometimes the bone is just naturally thin, but periodontal disease and tooth loss can also weaken the jawbone. The longer a spot goes without a root in place, the more it deteriorates. Skilled and expertly trained dentist Dr. David Bistritz can strengthen the support of the bone by creating a bone graft in your jaw. This fills in any spaces in the bone, making the spot stronger and capable of holding a dental implant. Call Aventura Dental Center in Aventura, FL today to learn more.

Ideal Candidates

Many people don’t realize how much pressure is put on their teeth when chewing food. Exerting so much pressure requires a rock-solid foundation under your teeth. Therefore, an implant where a literal screw is drilled down into your jawbone (then a replacement tooth is mounted) would be a waste of time and effort if the bone didn’t ultimately support the implant. So if you are a candidate to replace a tooth, the next step is to make sure the foundation will support it. If not, a fresh section of bone will be in order first. Candidates for this surgery must also be patient with a process that is not a quick fix. Some procedures can take months to complete. Nevertheless, it’s very popular since the procedure ultimately results in strong teeth.

What To Expect

The condition of everyone’s jawbone is different. Some are only candidates for minor grafting, which can be done the same day as the implant. Some patients have extensive damage to their jawbone, which can require months to solidify before being ready for the implant. The procedure(s) is usually performed in several stages. First, your damaged or loose tooth is pulled. Your jawbone is then prepared for the bone grafting surgery. During the grafting, a piece of bone is taken from another site on your jaw or body (sometimes the hip bone) and transplanted into your jaw. Artificial bone can also be utilized. After this heals (osseointegration), the metal post and abutment are seated solidly into the new section of bone.

Treatment Aftercare

After the abutment is placed into your strong, new section of bone, your gums must heal all over again. Fortunately, this will only take another couple of weeks instead of a couple of months. But once they do heal, it’s time to get the new tooth attached. Impressions are made of your newly healed mouth from which your new crown will be crafted. You will be given the option to choose removable or fixed artificial teeth, as well as the best color to perfectly match the surrounding teeth. Regardless of how you choose to proceed and however many stages required, there will most likely be a normal amount of discomfort including swelling/bruising of your face or gums, pain, and minor bleeding. This quickly subsides and can be managed with medication.

Plan Your Procedure

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Grafting and bone regeneration are some of the most cutting-edge procedures available to patients right now, enabling them to keep using teeth longer and providing healthier treatment options. Don’t forget to brush twice a day (with fluoride), and concentrate on the gums. But if you’re already dealing with periodontitis, don’t delay seeing Dr. Bistritz. You are invited to Aventura Dental Center for a consultation for bone grafting today.

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