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You can ask any questions and you feel like all your questions are answered and you don’t feel like you’re bothering them. I used to have in the front, half of my tooth and now I can smile and they’re perfectly even. I just, I would say it’s more than worth it, if I’d have known I’d have done it earlier.

Originally I was going to get my wisdom tooth pulled out somewhere else, I got swollen and they weren’t able to pull them out. With him, I was kind of scared because of the previous experience that I had, but he’s very gentle and it took like seconds for him to just pull it and I didn’t even think it was going to be that easy.

Didn’t go to a dentist for many years and a friend of mine recommended Dr. Bistritz. I came into him with a lot of pain in a tooth, found out that it was, needed a root canal, getting it completed wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m relieved.

As I got older my over bite got bigger, it got worse, so I finally decided to do Invisalign. I never used to smile with my teeth, now I take pictures more with my teeth and I feel more confident.

Dr. Bistritz is just the best. He’s awesome I would recommend him to anybody.