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Inga M. On Dental Services At Aventura Dental Center – Aventura, FL Dental Practice

Inga, describe how Aventura Dental Center’s dental office treat the patients and how Dr. Bistritz helped her restored her smile again. Follow Dr. Bistritz on social media using the links below!


Dr Bistritz’s practice is very friendly, very comforting and welcoming, so as a patient I feel very important when I’m in that practice.

A smile is everything. If you can smile and greet people and be happy about your life, yeah, absolutely, it’s a very big part of being happy and being confident. And another great perk with Dr. Bistritz’s that he works with one of the local labs, and I was able to go there and select a shade for the teeth so they would match exactly my original teeth, to the point where it would feel just like my own.

It’s very important that your dental work not only looks pretty, but it also serves the purpose and it’s correctly done. To me that’s the most important thing, so that you don’t get problems down the line, that you don’t encounter emergencies, and I feel like with Dr. Bistritz that his technical knowledge and clinical skills are very high.

This is one of the doctors that I would definitely recommend.