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Karla M. On Invisalign® At Aventura Dental Center – Aventura, FL Dental Office

Karla, talks about Invisalign from Dr. Bistritz and how it differ from traditional orthodontics treatment. Follow Dr. Bistritz on social media using the links below!


He walks you through everything and explains everything with videos and have, addresses any concerns. Very clear, very easy to understand and follow.

When I was 14, I had braces, now I’m getting Invisalign. There’s just a little bit of discomfort and my smile, it’s not how it used to be because I didn’t use my retainers as I was supposed to. I’ve always aimed for a perfect smile and I just feel like it would make me feel a lot more comfortable. I know that since it’s cosmetic it’s more of how it looks and I’m just going to feel much more comfortable after.

Dr. Bistritz is just the best. He’s awesome. I would recommend him to anybody.