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Lee H. On Fixing His Cracked Tooth At Aventura Dental Center – Aventura, FL Dental Office

Lee talks about his dental treatment from Dr. Bistritz to help him relieved from cracked tooth. Follow Dr. Bistritz on social media using the links below!


Didn’t go to a dentist for many years. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Bistritz, and I was having some problems. I came into him with a lot of pain in a tooth. Found out that it needed root canal. It was cracked. He needed to put a crown onto it. I had another tooth that had cracked previously about a year or two ago. It wasn’t giving me pain, but it was not the prettiest thing. Dr. Bistritz was able to take care of both of those very easily, quick. He explained the recovery time and what kind of pain I would be in. I just felt very comfortable.

First, I feel better knowing that I’ve been to the dentist, my teeth are being taken care of. My wife has mentioned a couple times, “Wow, look, your smile looks a lot better,” which gives you a little more confidence as well. Getting it completed, and it wasn’t that big of a deal, I’m relieved. I’m really glad that I came in and saw the doctor and he got it all taken care of. They were all very nice. Everything from followups to the next day, “Lee, how are you?” they’d call and ask, and appointment reminders by text or email, all that. That’s something that I think is a full service.