At Aventura Dental Care, we strive for the best results in every aspect of care. That’s why we offer KöR Professional Teeth Whitening when there are so many other options available.

Here, we will discuss some of the reasons we believe that this teeth whitening system is ideal for the vast majority of patients out there who want a naturally brighter smile.

A Clear Target

Teeth whitening sounds easy. If we listen to popular advertising, we may just go to the store, pick up some whitening strips, and apply them over our teeth. Most people who do this tell us that shortly after they apply their whitening strips, they feel tingling or irritation in their gums. There’s a reason for this, and a reason it doesn’t happen with our KöR whitening system. One reason that commercial whitening strips are ineffective is that they don’t limit the whitening gel to the tooth area. They are not fitted because there is no way to accomplish this with a mass-marketed product. The KöR whitening system involves the customization of whitening trays made just for the patient’s mouth. In this way, whitening gel stays where it belongs. Our in-office whitening treatment is also targeted because we apply the whitening gel ourselves.

Less Sensitivity

One of the downsides of teeth whitening treatment is that it often comes with side effects. Some patients experience what we call “zingers,” quick zaps of pain. Some patients experience sensitivity that lasts up to a few weeks after they complete their course of home whitening treatment. Not with KöR . This teeth whitening technique has been designed specifically for comfort and effectiveness. Treatment comes with a desensitizer that can be used during home whitening. In the office, we also use desensitizing techniques so patients get all the great results without the discomfort usually associated with teeth whitening.

Touch-Ups Can Be Easy

Many people choose home whitening for its convenience and cost effectiveness. Using the KöR teeth whitening system to do so makes it easy to do touch-ups when needed. Results from professional teeth whitening can last a very long time when the patient maintains good daily habits like brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. It can also help to rinse the mouth with water after drinking beverages like coffee or tea. Doing so can wash stain-causing molecules away. That said, discoloration often returns after some time. When it does, the patient already has the whitening trays they need to revive their radiant smile.

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